Policy Development

Policy is defined and understood in many ways. Most definitions of policy include, however, some version of principles that underlie an organization’s procedures, expectations, and norms for those who work in the organization. Policies help guide the actions of organizational members from senior administrators to workers embedded in the deepest frontline “trenches” of an organization. They are intended to keep all members focussed on the formal goals and purposes of the organization. Importantly, they provide the grounding for an organization’s procedures and rules.


Paquette & Associates support all elements of an organization’s policy cycle from policy (and procedure) development to policy review, revision, and implementation. We provide guidance in the initial formulation of policy and procedures to ensure that they conform to the legal requirements within which the organization must work. We offer training to help key organizational members understand both procedures on the one hand and the policies in which they are grounded on the other. When needed, we offer training for frontline workers and management on key legal issues impacting and constraining their work within organizational policies, procedures, and rules, and more broadly on the legal framework within which the organization and its members must function.