Education Law

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in the organization and operation of public and private education services delivery. We are part of your team helping manage the intricacies of classroom and board room realities in delivering education to students within a highly regulated teaching environment and school community. We assist you in navigating the School Board Collective Bargaining Act, Statutory Powers Procedures Act, Child, Youth and Family Services Act, Human Rights Code, Occupational Health and Safety Act, Municipal Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act, and other legislation related to school board administration in order to ensure the requirements of the Education Act and its regulations are met. This advice balances practical realities in the real world of schools today with the legal and regulatory frameworks that bind publicly funded schools on the one hand and private education on the other.


We regularly advise on:


  • Student discipline, including appeals to suspension and expulsion
  • Privacy rights including issues relating to the Ontario Student Record
  • Student safety
  • Equity and inclusion
  • Academic freedom
  • Conflicts relating to child custody and access
  • School board by-laws and administrative guidelines
  • Board governance and administrative issues such as review of board procedures and committee mandates and actions to clearly delineate their respective roles, responsibilities, and duties
  • Disposition of surplus property
  • Conflicts of interest and trustee liability
  • Interpretation of Collective Agreements
  • Grievance and arbitration hearings
  • Human Rights Code compliance, policy development respecting human-rights issues, and review and tribunal hearings
  • Ontario Principal Council—legal framework and limitations


First Nations Education and Program Delivery


Rachael has extensive knowledge of First Nations governance, education systems, programs, needs, and realities, as well as into what First Nation leadership and community members are looking for in partnering with public school boards. She has close relationships with First Nations and can help bridge the gap between service provided and First Nations expectations while working toward maintaining, empowering, and expanding First Nation student populations and their achievements in ways that respect students culture and languages.